SLI — Ch. 18: “A Clean Escape”

I should have posted this…oh, in September of 2010. But I kind of tired of reading and writing about this book. I’m only doing this now because I want to actually finish something I’ve started on this blog. Life doesn’t always give me the time I’d like to dedicate to thinking and writing, and this post isn’t going to be incredibly insightful, but I’m pressing on.

I cannot summarize better than the author. Moore writes, “This has been a messy book.” Yes. Yes, it has. This is probably my least favorite of all Beth Moore’s books.

The final chapter is simple. Moore reiterates a couple of points and reminds her readers to use the methods described in the book to discern whether or not one’s decisions emanate from insecurity or security. If it’s coming from a place of insecurity, then don’t do it. “The methods worked,” she says, and they will work for you, too, as long as you remember that the Lord is your security.



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One Response to SLI — Ch. 18: “A Clean Escape”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your time in reviewing and for your even-handed approach.

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